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What Is Torg?
Torg is a roleplaying game based on a war spanning across realities. The basic setup of the game is that the Earth has been invaded by High Lords from other realities. Each reality has its own laws and rules of existence. Wherever a reality holds sway, its laws rule over the land.

The ultimate goal of these invaders is to drain the Earth of Possibility energy. This energy is tied to reality and existence. The High Lords hope that with enough accumulated possibility energy and physical energy, they can ascend to become Torg, which is essentially a supreme being that has virtually infinite power.

The High Lords cross dimensions with the help of Darkness Devices - intelligent and powerful pieces of primal universal evil and destructive power. Each Darkness Device is nearly indestructible, and takes on a form related to the theme of the reality it supports. It is through cooperation with these Devices that High Lords gain their strength.

Roleplayers in the game take on the personae of Storm Knights, who are men, women, and creatures endowed with the ability to cross between realities without losing touch with their own home reality. Knights can also tap into Possibility energy in order to slightly influence the world around them. In cinematic terms, this is how the point blank gunfire can somehow miss the hero, or how the driver can coax his car to jump over a seemingly impossibly wide gorge.

The game is set in the Possibility Wars. Earth as we know it has been invaded. The invaders are searching for possibility energy. Earth is especially rich in possibility energy, so rich that six raiders had to invade in order for any of them to survive the energy backlash from the invasion. Each of the invaders have a different reality. The raiders use markers to stake out the area they control. When activated, each marker makes connection to the two nearest markers of the same reality, every thing enclosed by the triangle formed is controlled by the raider. The more population in a controlled area, the more energy the raider gets. The eventual effect of this invasion, if it is allowed to proceed unopposed, will be to leave the earth stripped of possibility energy and life. WEG decided that it would take 5 years to drain the possibility energy from earth. Each of the possibility raiders has a darkness device which allows the raider to create boundary markers and to drain possibility energy. Player characters are the heroes who battle the raiders, trying to drive them out.
There are six invading realities: Orrorsh, Aysle, Cyberpapcy, Living Land, Nile Empire, and Nippon Tech. A seventh reality, Tharkold, had its initial invasion disrupted. Each of the realities is defined by four axioms; Magic, Spiritual, Technology, and Social.

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